Antonio Marras Pre Fall 2017

//Antonio Marras Pre Fall 2017
Antonio Marras Pre Fall 2017
Antonio Marras has something of a fashion polymath about him; he’s moved by a restless curiosity. It feeds his effusive, almost urgent flux of artistic self-expression, which, combined with a penchant for poetic irreverence and a theatrical talent for storytelling, gives shape to his singular aesthetic. Marras is a whirlwind of creative energy; clearly, fashion alone isn’t able to encompass his interests. This is where art comes to the rescue. He’s an accomplished painter, sketching and sculpting with almost obsessive verve. He has amassed a huge body of work, which is now being celebrated in an exhibition at Milan’s Triennale. Its erudite title quotes the ancient Roman naturalist and philosopher Pliny the Elder: “Nulla dies sine linea,” which, translated from Latin, reads “Not a day without a line.” Pliny the Elder attributes it to the Hellenistic Greek painter Apelles, who worked every single day of his life with unrelenting dedication; Marras could easily be one of his favorite disciples.
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