Revolutionary Flowers PITTI IMMAGINE

//Revolutionary Flowers PITTI IMMAGINE
Revolutionary Flowers PITTI IMMAGINE
A fresh, updated layout for Pitti Uomo at the Fortezza da Basso. A tribute to colour, conviviality, vital energy, and explosions of creativity through kaleidoscopic installations.
This edition’s theme, Boom, Pitti Blooms literally does bloom in the spaces of the Fortezza, that have been updated by stimulating layouts along the exhibition course, ready to grab the energy of international fashion.
For this edition of Pitti Uomo at the Padiglione Medici, a strategic location on the path of research, the TOUCH! section offers, within the course of Pitti Uomo, a special relax area. With a project by the architect Nicolò Bernardini and the lifestyler Sergio Colantuoni – the creative drive of Boom, Pitti Blooms – a special installation comes to life, made up of 3 maxi-diaphragms, on plasterboard frames, that alternatively overlap each other. Three-dimensional elements, directory lines of the composition and of the stand’s course, which feature and filter the perception of the space from within and without, defining the various positions to relax and a lounge-bar.
In the Fortezza, in the key spaces of the Pitti Uomo world, another eleven special positions to relax have been created: linear seating that, in keeping with the exhibition’s common thread, have been made with plasterboard frames and yellow wood and Boom, Pitti Blooms patterns. A project by Nicolò Bernardini under the Artistic Direction of Sergio Colantuoni.
The Fortezza da Basso updates its look - Pitti Immagine