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VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, linking fashion and music
The relationship between fashion and music is undeniable, and Vivienne Westwood has been more successful than anyone else in bringing the two together. She was born in 1941 in Glossop. When she was 17 years, she was already in London and in 1971 she opened the shop Let it Rock with the musician Malcolm McLaren who was her partner as well as her business associate. Over the years the boutique at 430 King’s Road changed its name many times: in 1972 it was renamed Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die; in 1974 it became Sex and then Seditionaires before finally taking the name of World’s End. The shop became a meeting place and inspiration for the members of the Sex Pistols band. Those were the years of the punk movement and the trend was for clothes that were ripped, cut and covered in safety pins Clothes became elements of subversion. The eccentric red-haired designer turned a subculture into fashion. However at the end of the 70s she realized that it was time to take a new path.
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